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Secret Life of Neuroglia

Posted by Chris Hammons

“Tragedies like auto accidents and sports injuries can cause traumatic injury to the brain, or to nerves throughout the body. While traumatic brain injuries constitute a set of major causes for death and disability worldwide, many of us may not realize that microscopic nerve damage is far more common, even in minor accidents.

The good news is that our bodies have special cells tailored to address this microscopic damage: neuroglia, also known as glial cells or simply glia. These glial cells leap into action in response to nerve trauma, and help form a certain kind of glial “scar” that’s unique to the nervous system. Without glial cells, even the world’s greatest surgeons couldn’t save a traumatized brain.

But glial cells do far more than just help form scars – they also help regulate your body’s process of breathing, and help guide of nutrient transport in the brain. In fact, as this infographic, explains, their roles are far more diverse than you might expect.”


Graphic By Laird Hammons Laird Oklahoma City Injury Attorneys

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